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This pot stand makes you sleepy 😴 ASMR • New trigger • Tapping • Super relaxing

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New video on my vlog channel: https://youtu.be/kx6i8Xul3vE ❤️

Hi everyone! In this video I will be making different sounds with a pot stand which every Finnish subscriber seems to love 😄 If you are not from Finland, please leave a comment telling which country you come from! And subscribe if you would like me to make more videos in English ❤️

00:00 Intro ❤️
00:30 Whispers 🤫
03:00 Circular stroking? ⚪️
04:00 Tapping 👂🏽
05:50 Circular stroking ⚪️
08:20 Tapping 👂🏽
10:35 Circular stroking ⚪️
11:40 Tapping on top of your head 👂🏽
13:15 Circular stroking ⚪️

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