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CURE for Tingle Immunity 💛 INTENSE ASMR Ear Eating (+Literal) & Licking 💛 40 mins 💛 NO TALKING

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Ready for intense tingles? In response to manmanymany requests: another ear eating video PLUS ear licking and literal eating on the top. 40 minutes this time.

Warning: this is an intense ASMR video, so if you’re not a fan of mouth sounds or ear eating/licking, please skip this video and join me in my next one.

Note that this is an ASMR video made for relaxation purposes and stress relief. This video is intended to be family-friendly. I hope weird/inappropriate comments will be avoided.


0:22 – breathy ear eating + ear touching here and there
23:26 – ear licking (INTENSE!)
31:45 – literal ear eating (INTENSE!)

Enjoy with headphones and pick an HD option for the full experience.

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Equipment I use:
Microphones: SR3D by Frank the binaural microphone, AKG C214
Recorders: Zoom H1 or Zoom H5
Camera: Canon 600D

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