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ASMR 8 Strong Experimental Triggers for Sleep 😴

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00:00 Whispered Intro
04:15 Cups with rhinestones (with windguards)
08:28 Cups with rhinestones (without windguards for a bit of a different sound)
12:32 Bassy cork block “brain tapping”
20:03 Cat step (mostly fast/intense sounds)
33:21 Wooden heart with rhinestones (I kept this pretty short because I’m not sure how I feel about this sound haha)
35:50 Holographic vinyl fabric sheet (from my recent deep ear sounds video)
45:43 Vinyl gel beads wine cooler on your head
54:00 Your ears inside vinyl gel beads wine cooler for a slightly diff sound
58:38 Gel bead mask
01:07:41 Windguard sounds “ocean waves” 🙂

Hello! Happy New Year, everyone 🙂
Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr 🎊
새해 복 많이 받으세요 🎆

I’ve prepared some new, experimental triggers for you this evening and also included some more recent items that you guys requested I use more of (the cardboard cups, holo vinyl sheet, gel bead mask, cork block, and windguard sounds). The cups have evolved and are prettier to look at now, but more importantly, I hope you like the sounds they make :). Also thank you so much for the new years wishes! I hope you all had a fun time celebrating and have started off the new year in a great way. There will be a live stream this Sunday at 10:30AM CET by the way, if you’d like to join me! 🙂

💿 Last live stream [Every Sunday around 10:30-10:50AM CET♥️]:

😴 ASMR that I’ve been falling asleep to recently:
(Pigsbum53 ASMR): https://youtu.be/9X6uGyF-hcQ

instagram: http://bit.ly/2rMxcNl
twitter: https://twitter.com/caroline_asmr
donations: http://bit.ly/2sdRjoy
audio downloads: http://bit.ly/2m6RfX1

ℹ️ FAQ information:

Hello and welcome to my channel! I’m Caroline, it’s nice to meet you! I’m an American living in Germany. I speak English, German (learned at university and while living here), and I’m learning Korean because of the many Korean channels I watch on YouTube. I’m also interested in the Korean culture and clothing style and some K-Pop music :). I consider myself equally as much a viewer as a creator of ASMR videos and watch ASMR every day! Some of my favorite artists are ASMR PPOMO, Latte ASMR, Dana ASMR, JellybeanASMR, Pelagea ASMR, and Goodnight Moon. But I love many others too! ^_^ I do my nails myself once a week and love to try out different colors, styles, and glitters while I’m watching something on Netflix :D. I do live streams every Sunday around 10:30AM CET if you’d like to ask me a question and hang out with me and our Carobear community :). I hope you enjoy my creations ~


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