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[ASMR] Trigger Words I Softly Whispered

Hey Everyone! This is a trigger word video with many words and a sound or two to help you relax or get sleepy! I did get some messages for this video so let me know if you want me to do it again with new words you like or even send me a list and I’ll do it 🙂 and of course feel free to send me requests in the comments or the social media options at the bottom here.

Here is a table of contents or time stamps for you guys:

Intro: 0:00-0:41
Sleep: 0:42-1:20
Perfect: 1:21-1:57
Stipple: 1:58-2:26
Example: 2:27-3:07
Tingles: 3:08-3:45
Sceptical: 3:46-4:21
Swoosh: 4:22-5:04
Tickle: 5:05-5:38
Pineapple: 5:39-6:16
Relax: 6:17-6:45
Whiskey: 6:46-7:24
Blink: 7:25-8:59
Okay: 8:00- 8:30
Good: 8:31-9:01
Bubble: 9:02-9:30
Calm: 9:31-10:01
Crisp: 10:02-10:27
Wish: 10:28-10:54
Kiss: 10:55-11:21
Tick: 11:22-11:45
Tock: 11:46-12:10
Tick-Tock: 12:11-12:36
Skittle: 12:37-13:02
Tap: 13:03-13:33
Video: 13:34-13:58
Silent: 13:59-14:25
Artist: 14:26-14:57
Highlight: 14:58- 15:22
Hush/Shh: 15:23-15:50
Thinking mouth noises: 15:51-16:33
ABC’s: 16:34-20:00
Ending: 21:01-end

I will be putting up videos mostly on wednesdays and sundays. I would love to get a 3dio, green screen and a better camera so if you guys enjoy my videos and want to see improvement you can help me out by becoming a patreon or through paypal.me which are both listed below as well as the many ways you can connect with me via the web:

My Patreon URL is patreon.com/RandyyyAlexxx.
My Paypal link is paypal.me/randyASMR
My instagram is http://bit.ly/2FYqCPp
My facebook is http://bit.ly/2G8YoAM
My Email is RandyASMR@gmail.com
My snapchat is r_alexandraaa

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